IPCC AR4 Guide

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Zvon.org guide to Fourth Assessment Report of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change

Fourth Assessment Report (AR4) of Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) collects and evaluates many thousands articles, books, reports, and other published materials about climate change.

The guide main features:
- for more details with screenshots see Skeptical Science post.
  • references by chapters
    • select chapter references via contents
    • filter them by first author (useful when reading original text) or by title contents (based on original article metadata)
    • references are enriched with links to the original sources (via doi or direct links), as well as links to Web of Science, Scopus, and WorldCat records
  • searchable index of report titles (contents)
    • with links both to the Zvon.org reference searches and texts of the original report
  • authors' search (authors)
    • based on original articles' metadata therefore also including authors not explicitly mentioned in the report's references
  • journals' search (journals)
    • sorted by number of citations; with links to journal homepage, Impact factor trends, and Ulrichsweb entry

This guide is intended for an in-depth study of the report. If you are interested in the basic findings the Summary for the policymakers of the Synthesis Report is more suitable for you.

The environmental law section of Zvon.org contains fully indexed texts of several relevant international documents including The Framework Convention on Climate Change and Kyoto Protocol.

The work on this guide has been started by Radka Hrotkova (my MSc. student at Laboratory of Informatics and Chemistry). She succesfully completed her studies in 2010 but still contributes to this work.


Prepared by:
Miloslav Nic (Mila)
Radka Hrotkova
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