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The 'font-stretch' property selects a normal, condensed, or extended face from a font family. Absolute keyword values have the following ordering, from narrowest to widest : 1.ultra-condensed 2.extra-condensed 3.condensed 4.semi-condensed 5.normal 6.semi-expanded 7.expanded 8.extra-expanded 9.ultra-expanded . The relative keyword 'wider' sets the value to the next expanded value above the inherited value ; the relative keyword 'narrower' sets the value to the next condensed value below the inherited value .

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ultra-condensed {font-stretch: ultra-condensed}
extra-condensed {font-stretch:extra-condensed }
condensed {font-stretch:condensed }
semi-condensed {font-stretch:semi-condensed }
normal {font-stretch:normal }
semi-expanded {font-stretch:semi-expanded }
expanded {font-stretch:expanded }
extra-expanded {font-stretch:extra-expanded }
ultra-expanded {font-stretch:ultra-expanded }
wider {font-stretch:wider}
narrower {font-stretch:narrower}
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