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The shape of the cursor moving over an element can be changed to following values: auto, crosshair, default, pointer, move, e-resize, ne-resize, nw-resize, n-resize, se-resize, sw-resize, s-resize, w-resize, text, wait, help. URI can be used to defined user defined cursor.

XML SourceCSS stylesheetExample link

auto {cursor: auto}
crosshair {cursor: crosshair}
default {cursor: default}
pointer {cursor: pointer}
move {cursor: move}
e-resize {cursor: e-resize}
ne-resize {cursor: ne-resize}
nw-resize {cursor: nw-resize}
n-resize {cursor: n-resize}
se-resize {cursor: se-resize}
sw-resize {cursor: sw-resize}
s-resize {cursor: s-resize}
w-resize {cursor: w-resize}
text {cursor: text}
wait {cursor: wait}
help {cursor: help}
uri {cursor: url("chrome://navigator/skin/home.gif")}
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