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The rdf:type in Example 8 can be abbreviated in the following way: the rdf:Description tag is substituted by the element with the same name as the one in the equivalent rdf:type attribute.



     <lib:Author about="RD">
     <lib:Author about="JC">
     <lib:Book about="Matilda">
          <lib:creator rdf:resource='RD'/>

     <lib:Book about="The BFG">
          <lib:creator rdf:resource='RD'/>

     <lib:Book about="Heart of Darkness">
          <lib:creator rdf:resource='JC'/>

     <lib:Book about="Lord Jim">
          <lib:creator rdf:resource='JC'/>

     <lib:Book about="The Secret Agent">
          <lib:creator rdf:resource='JC'/>

Output Top

Author Title Pages
Dahl, Roald Matilda 240
Dahl, Roald The BFG 208
Conrad, Joseph Heart of Darkness 110
Conrad, Joseph Lord Jim 314
Conrad, Joseph The Secret Agent 249