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XPath function: number number (object?)

Standard excerpt:

The number function converts its argument to a number as follows: a string that consists of optional whitespace followed by an optional minus sign followed by a Number followed by whitespace is converted to the IEEE 754 number that is nearest (according to the IEEE 754 round-to-nearest rule) to the mathematical value represented by the string; any other string is converted to NaN boolean true is converted to 1; boolean false is converted to 0 a node-set is first converted to a string as if by a call to the string function and then converted in the same way as a string argument, an object of a type other than the four basic types is converted to a number in a way that is dependent on that type. If the argument is omitted, it defaults to a node-set with the context node as its only member. Examples (xslt:xml): Overview
84:2 85:4

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