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Miloslav Nic

UDDI Reference


This material has been obsoleted by updated version of the reference, which reflects recent changes to the specifications.

The reference is based on normative XML Schemas uddi_v2.xsd, uddi_v2replication.xsd, uddi_v2custody.xsd, and uddi_1.xsd which are available at http://uddi.org/specification.html. They were transformed to conform to the final version of XML Schema standard and their visual form synchronized to enable easy comparison.

WASP UDDI is an implementation of the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) V2 specification, as defined by the UDDI Project and is available at Systinet.


Indexes are marked with following superscripts :


Both versions contain both abbreviated and expanded schema for the selected element as well as the context it can appear in.

Version 1 elements lead to the appropriate place in API for WASP UDDI implementation

In version 2 side by side comparison of version 1 and 2 elements is available for relevant elements