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Module: Directory
Function: setPermissions
Type: FilePath -> Permissions -> IO ()
Description: The Permissions type is used to record whether certain operations are permissible on a file/directory. getPermissions and setPermissions get and set these permissions, respectively. Permissions apply both to files and directories. For directories, the executable field will be False, and for files the searchable field will be False. Note that directories may be searchable without being readable, if permission has been given to use them as part of a path, but not to examine the directory contents.

Example 1
Program source: 

import IO
import Directory

main = do hdl <- openFile "/tmp/foo.txt" WriteMode
	  hPutStr hdl "HELLO"
	  hClose hdl
	  a <- getPermissions "/tmp/foo.txt"
	  print a
	  setPermissions "/tmp/foo.txt" (Permissions  False True False False)
	  b <- getPermissions "/tmp/foo.txt"
	  print b
	  setPermissions "/tmp/foo.txt" b {readable=True}
	  c <- getPermissions "/tmp/foo.txt"
	  print c
	  setPermissions "/tmp/foo.txt" c {readable=False, executable=True}
	  d <- getPermissions "/tmp/foo.txt"
	  print d

Output: Permissions{readable=True,writable=True,executable=False,searchable=False}

Output: Permissions{readable=False,writable=True,executable=False,searchable=False}

Output: Permissions{readable=True,writable=True,executable=False,searchable=False}

Output: Permissions{readable=False,writable=True,executable=True,searchable=False}