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Notation (interface )

Type of the interface:   extended

Own properties:
attributes  -  publicId, systemId
methods  -  none

Inherited properties:
attributes  -  attributes, childNodes, firstChild, lastChild, localName, namespaceURI, nextSibling, nodeName, nodeType, nodeValue, ownerDocument, parentNode, prefix, previousSibling
methods  -  appendChild, cloneNode, hasAttributes, hasChildNodes, insertBefore, isSupported, normalize, removeChild, replaceChild

This interface represents a notation (<!NOTATION .. >) declared in the DTD. A notation either declares, by name, the format of an unparsed entity, or is used for formal declaration of processing instruction targets. The nodeName attribute inherited from Node is set to the declared name of the notation.

A Notation node does not have any parent.