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Element: caption
Attributes: | class | id | title | xml:lang |
Parents: | table |
Children: | #PCDATA | a | abbr | acronym | br | cite | code | dfn | em | img | input | kbd | label | object | q | samp | select | span | strong | textarea | var |

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A test table with merged cells
Average Red
height weight
Males 1.9 0.003 40%
Females 1.7 0.002 43%
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<table summary="This table gives some statistics about fruit flies: average height and weight, and percentage with red eyes (for both males and females).">
          <em>A test table with merged cells</em>
          <th rowspan="2"/>
          <th colspan="2">Average</th>
          <th rowspan="2">Red

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Cups of coffee consumed by each senator
Name Cups Type of Coffee Sugar?
T. Sexton 10 Espresso No
J. Dinnen 5 Decaf Yes
A. Soria Not available
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     <caption>Cups of coffee consumed by each senator</caption>
          <th>Type of Coffee</th>
          <td>T. Sexton</td>
          <td>J. Dinnen</td>
          <td>A. Soria</td>
          <td colspan="3">
               <em>Not available</em>