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Element: attribute

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Attributes: datatypeLibrary | name | ns |
Children: anyName | choice | name | nsName | <other> | <pattern> ( element, attribute*, group*, interleave*, choice, optional, zeroOrMore, oneOrMore*, list*, mixed, ref*, parentRef, empty*, text*, value*, data*, notAllowed, externalRef, grammar ) |
Parents: attribute | choice | define | element | except | group | interleave | list | mixed | oneOrMore | optional | start | zeroOrMore |

<element name="attribute">
     <ref name="common-atts"/>
          <attribute name="name">
               <data type="QName"/>
          <ref name="open-name-class"/>
          <ref name="other"/>
               <ref name="pattern"/>

Occurs in Schema Tutorial examples:
Element contains text only and one attribute
Defining a group of attributes
Element can have [x,y] either as attributes or as elements
Attribute contains a list of values
Attribute from any namespace
Attributes from namespace other then target namespace (which is null)
Attributes from namespace other than target namespace (which is not null)
Attributes from some particular namespace
Attributes must not be from some particular namespaces
Uniqueness - comparison of numbers
Abstract type
Extending schema
Target namespace is not null, attributeFormDefault is qualified
Target namespace is not null, attributeFormDefault is unqualified
Target namespace is null