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Element: interleave

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Attributes: datatypeLibrary | ns |
Children: <other> | <pattern> ( element, attribute*, group*, interleave*, choice, optional, zeroOrMore, oneOrMore*, list*, mixed, ref*, parentRef, empty*, text*, value*, data*, notAllowed, externalRef, grammar ) |
Parents: attribute | choice | define | element | except | group | interleave | list | mixed | oneOrMore | optional | start | zeroOrMore |

<element name="interleave">
     <ref name="common-atts"/>
     <ref name="open-patterns"/>

Occurs in Schema Tutorial examples:
Element with mixed content (text and only one element)
Element which contains elements only (order does not matter)
Element which contains mixture of two elements (can appear more times)
Element can contain a mixture of elements