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Element: choice

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Attributes: datatypeLibrary | ns |
Children: <name-class> ( name, anyName, nsName, choice ) | <other> | <pattern> ( element, attribute*, group*, interleave*, choice, optional, zeroOrMore, oneOrMore*, list*, mixed, ref*, parentRef, empty*, text*, value*, data*, notAllowed, externalRef, grammar ) |
Parents: attribute | choice | define | element | except | group | interleave | list | mixed | oneOrMore | optional | start | zeroOrMore |

<element name="choice">
     <ref name="common-atts"/>
     <ref name="open-patterns"/>
<element name="choice">
     <ref name="common-atts"/>
     <ref name="open-name-classes"/>

Occurs in Schema Tutorial examples:
Document root element can be from a set of namespaces
Element which contains one of two elements
Element which contains two "patterns" (sequences), in any order
Multiple restrictions
Element is either a fixed string or an integer
Element can contain a string from an enumerated set
Element can have [x,y] either as attributes or as elements
Attributes from some particular namespace
Abstract element, substitutionGroup
Extension of a choice
Error in restriction - namespaces in wildcards