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Element: ref

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Attributes: datatypeLibrary | name | ns |
Parents: attribute | choice | define | element | except | group | interleave | list | mixed | oneOrMore | optional | start | zeroOrMore |

<element name="ref">
     <attribute name="name">
          <data type="NCName"/>
     <ref name="common-atts"/>

Occurs in Schema Tutorial examples:
Element which contains two "patterns" (sequences), in any order
Defining a group of attributes
Exact number of elements from any namespace
Definition of a custom simpleType - temperature must be greater than -273.15
Limiting string length
Limiting the number of decimal places
Limiting both the number of decimal places and total places
String must contain e-mail address
Element contains date
Element represents time duration
definition of a simpleType, target namespace is null
definition of a simpleType, target namespace is not null
Element and type have the same name
Error - simpleType and complexType have the same name
Abstract element, substitutionGroup
Abstract type
Extension of a sequence
Extension of a choice
Error in restriction - namespaces in wildcards
Target namespaces are the same (non-null)
Including in Relax NG - include element, ns attribute